Restaurant Review: Lucca, Business Lunch

Ever sat at your desk and dreamt about where you’re going to eat lunch from today? You think about all the options around you, within walking distance or driving distance (if there’s parking!) – comparing prices and flavours… it’s a riot of food and numbers bouncing around your skull all jostling for attention. “Pick me…

Restaurant Review: Hot Pot @ Emerald Garden, Gigiri

The Nairobi food scene has been evolving at a rapid pace in the last few years. New concepts and cuisines are being introduced all the time, from Kenyan Fusion to Molecular Gastronomy, one by one, they are all finding their niche in the ever growing foodie scene. A relatively simple concept that has been missing…

Delivery Review: Sushila’s

I believe I’ll have amassed an army of handmaidens to wait on me hand and foot (who am I kidding) and I literally won’t have to move an inch.

Hotel Review: Mara Bush Camp – Private Wing

“Out in the middle of the bush, no fencing, lions roaring throughout the night and hyenas cackling near by, Mara Bush Camp (Private Wing) offers a quality, immersive safari experience with hippos grunting right on your doorstep.”

Restaurant Review: Chophouse @ The Radisson Blu

A restaurant serving barbequed meats and seafood with Kenyan twists in a fine dining ambiance. Why wouldn’t you love that description? Meat? Seafood? Kenyan twists? Sounds like a great meal to me.

Delivery Review: The Fat Fox Food Company

Here is a company (note, it’s NOT a bakery) who are inspired, quirky, fun and fresh. They can tailor make you a cake suited perfectly for your occasion and it might even be something you’ve never tried in Nairobi before!

Restaurant Review: Nyama Mama @ Delta

It seemed as if I was about to try their entire menu so I quickly put on my fat pants and eagerly sat down at the table. We started off with one of Mama’s Medicines

Restaurant Review: Smokestak, London

Have you ever eaten something that you dreamt about for days afterwards? That consumed all your conscious and subconscious thoughts long after it had passed through your lips? That one thing that makes your mouth water instantly at a mere mention? I have. This wondrous item was presented to me at Smokestak, a restaurant in…