Restaurant Review: Untitled Bar, Dalston, London

Snow: you know why I picked this one (hint: you know nothing Jon Snow). An intriguing cocktail of white clay, chalk and enoki vodka. This is a drink that will warm you from the inside out and take your breath away. It is STRONG, and will knock even the gnarliest night king to his butt!

Restaurant Review: Makatcha Eats @ Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall, London

@makatcha_eats is an Indonesian Diner and BBQ Restaurant that’s setting out to revolutionise the current perception of Indo-Malay cooking and show London how good Indonesian cuisine really is! Their BBQ is all about that smoky, burnt, sweet goodness and they’ve got some fantastic rendang curries on their menu, all coconutty and spicy to really bring out the asian flavour.

Restaurant Review: Sikulo Restaurant & Pizzeria, West London

It also links back to it’s old Greek name of Sikelia – harking back to a varied past with a fusion of cultures reflected in it’s cuisine. That’s what Sikulo attempts to do, bring a proper taste of Sicily to London – no bog standard Italian recipes here, instead you’ll find fresh, and different takes on some of the dishes you already know, and others you’ve never tried before

Restaurant Review: Pasta Remoli, Ealing, London

At this fun little spot, you can pick your pasta type – from a range of unfilled and filled options, sauce – white or red, and finally the cheese toppings (with some authentic suggestions from the chef incase you don’t know what pairs with what!).

Restaurant Review: Leila, Ealing, London

They’ve got a huge menu full of traditional Lebanese and Moroccan delights – from the vast mezze selection to delights such as pastilla djaj (a Moroccan filo pastro encasing tender pulled chicken, raising and moroccan spices).

Restaurant Review: Dishoom, Shoreditch, London

@dishoom has now been around in London for about 9 years, and there are now 7 locations around the UK. They model themselves on the old Irani cafes of Mumbai, as well as the kind of food you get there – fused with some British tastes to appeal to the local crowd. You still get the crowd favourites like chicken tikka, butter chicken and daal makhani but they always have a little twist to invoke a new kind of sensory explosion of flavours.

Restaurant Review: El Food Brothers @ William the Fourth Pub, London

@efbrothers is a little outfit made up of two childhood friend who love food. After moving to Leyton to live above the William the Fourth Pub, one fateful night the chef at the pubs kitchen couldn’t come in and the boys were asked to step in. And then, a star was born! Now they’re serving up their versions of all things naughty and nice. From brisket tacos to loaded burgers and bad boy vegan treats, these two guys know exactly how to make your tastebuds tingle.

Restaurant Review: The Ugly Dumpling, London

Ugly Dumpling’s vision is to create dumplings that can suit every single taste profile. They have a huge range of flavours of dumplings – you can have Chinese style ones if you like them more, Thai flavoured dumplings or even Italian inspired ones. Or you can just try their platters which have around 8 dumplings of various flavours.

Restaurant Review: The Back To Roots Pop Up @ 26 Grains, Neals Yard, London

@backtorootspopup is made up of 3 fantastic chefs from all over the world, who have come together for this week only to create this inspired menu and tantalize some London taste buds. They’ve created an astounding 7 course menu featuring a range of vegetarian, Greek inspired dishes made with simple ingredients and explosions of flavour.

Restaurant Review: The Barley Mow Vegan Menu, Westminster, London

From dirty Vegan junk food to smoothie bowls and nut butters, going vegan seems to be the new “it” thing to take the world by storm! And whether you’re fully vegan or part-vegan (don’t let the haters put you down), there are loads and loads of options to make sure you can have just as good a meal as everyone else. Especially at The Barley Mow.